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Crass Calligraphy Candles


Our bestselling Crass Calligraphy greetings—now in candle form! Each of our hand poured soy candles comes in a painted black glass vessel with letterpress printed Crass Calligraphy label and dustcover.

Candle styles and scents include:

  • CALM your tits | Spa Oasis scent
  • Nothing says CELEBRATE like some good old fashion day drinking | Prosecco scent
  • CHEERS your old as balls | Hazelnut Java scent
  • HOME is where the pants aren’t | Fresh Linen scent
  • It’s not premarital sex if you never get MARRIED | Passion Fruit scent
  • TOGETHER we can hide the body | Crackling Fireplace scent

11 oz. Hand Poured Soy Candle | 90-Hour Burn | Made in USA

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